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*****80% LTV - 7.99% long term - wrap owner finance notes (unique product)

7.99% HARD - SOFT Money (Non Bank Qualifying) , Fixed for 30 years - Whatever fits your need

stated income loans and bank statement programs for investors

Soft money loans are loans that just miss bank financing (conventional lending). There STATED INCOME LOANS, but most cap at 65-70% of value. Consider supplying bank statements (our BANK STATEMENT LOAN) , TO GET 80% Loan to value or purchase.


Long Term (STATED INCOME AND SOFT MONEY) Financing options for the Texas Real Estate Investor & Landlord

Loans for commercial and residential - Soft money is a hybrid of hard money and any sort of long term (not hard money)

The idea is a very asset based underwriting with long term options available. Typical terms are from 8% and 2- 5 year balloons with 30 year terms.

Loan size can be from :

150k to 3 million.



APPLY HERE for Soft Money loans ("Just missed bank loans")

Soft Money can mean anything from lower rate hard money to non bank institutions making long term loans for investment property owners - landlords and commercial income property owners.


Typically we are conduits to various non bank institutions for "soft money" loans

Insurance companies

Hedge funds


You want simple solutions for the "non bankable" or "almost bankable" loans,


borrower info (background, what you do, income, credit if known)

property details with photos

rent roll

loan request:

* Required