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Thank for you submitting your Texas Investor Loan request. That was the loan "sceanario-story" and property facts.

If you are ready please proceed to the full loan application (standard borrower application - 1003) (click here)


Please save this checklist so we can get your information together as quick as possible.


Investor Loan Checklist – full documentation but alternative – non conventional approvals and underwriting.

1.Borrower Information:

 __ Best phone number for all members/guarantors and email address(s) for the file

__For wage earners, provide last 30 days paystubs.

__2014/2015 fully executed personal tax returns (all schedules) we need for our "hybrid undewrite" tax returns and bank statements

  1. Borrower application (j1003) on this site (apply)

__(last 3 month bank statements) Document any financial assets/reserves being used to close. (60 days bank statements all pages for each account used).
****Note , we may have discusses a bank statement loan – if so we need:

  1. Last 24 months (original downloads from bank)
  2. Your calculation for total deposits (gross amount) in last 24 months
  3. Business and personal (business if you own 100% of the business)

__2 forms of state or federal issued photo identification and SSN Card (each member)

2. Property information:

__closing statement (HUD) on subject property (if purchased in last 12 months)
__budget and list of repairs if made in last 12 months
__Fully executed rental lease(s) for the subject properties

__Evidence of the approval of your LLC as the Section 8 Landlord (if applicable)

__Photos (inside and outside)

__subject property hazard insurance policy & insurance contact info
__existing survey if available
__all supporting documents  that may be available on property (survey, appraisal, inspection, other..)


**If a FLIP or REHAB ,

Budget for repairs__


For a Self Employed borrower,

__year to date profit and loss statement and balance sheet and prior year end audited financials. (unless we discussed "stated income" loans.


LLC Documents
·         A copy of the filed Articles of Organization to evidence the proper formation of the LLC.
·         A copy of the fully executed Operating Agreement
·         Executed Member Consent
·         Certificate of Good Standing for the LLC
·         Authorized Signor listing
Details as to what assets are held in the LLC if the LLC is not a single asset LLC  (if applicable)

We are not a bank and require less than a bank. Please be organized, label documents and pdfs when saving and make your information as easy as possible to access and read for our staffl.

you can upload all documents at one time - www.uploadmyloan.com (our company owned website and document link)

Monty Busch - owner 214 213 8967