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**THE FORM BELOW IS CRITICAL IN FAST TRACKING YOUR LOAN **. These are are non conventional mortgages and bank loans(private funds that keep loans on "balance sheet" or "portfolio loans" for landlords .

*** Rental and Investment property financing submission for all non owner occupied mortgages. We ask the information many lenders miss - often a root cause of wasted time and missed expectations.


**NOTE**This form is for your loan scenario,(step 1) a full 1003 is needed. (no answer required here) after we approve step 1.
If Broker- provide contact info: (phone and email ):
Borrower Name:
Name of Entity (if you using entity,llc, other) as ownership:
Email Address of borrower) :
(purchase,refinance, cashout, other (explain):
When does loan need to close and why?
Purchase Price (If its a purchase, NA if refinance ):
What is as is value if refinance or cashout is requested ?
What is loan amount requested and is this flexible?
Original Purchase price and acquisition date if refinance : (you will need show closing statement for properties owned less than 1 year)
What is the propert type (SFR,duplex, fourplex, apt, other) :
What is the subject property address ? :
Amount and description of repairs on property (IF purchased within last 2 years) :

Is the Subject property rented ?


What is the rent or proposed (market ) rent?
WHat is the insurance cost on subject property (annual) :
What are annual taxes on property?
What are HOA dues - if any (annual):
What is your investor experience (briefly discuss how many deals you have purchsed in last 2 years):
How many properties do you currently own? (not including primary residence) more experience can mean better pricing:
Do you own or rent your own home?
Have you been denied financing for any reason? (important question since many of our loans are for challenged credit and borrowers):
borrowers appoximate credit score (if known) :
If you have credit issues , can you explain : (note past forclosure, BK,short sell,other) :
Have you declared BK in last 4 years( chapter 7, 11, other, ( please provide explanation)
Do you have any mortgage lates (current or past 24 months) - please detail:
We may have discussed bank statement loans, what is your total deposits for last 24 months) :
Please provide contact info for : insurance, real estate (or another contact for access to property, title company info if purchase) :
upload documents related to loan, PFS and 2 years tax returns(we are doing a full income doc loan),bank statements, survey,etc.
  • We originate both Stated Income Investor loans and full /alternative documened loans. Our loan supplement and your story can help point you in the right direction and decide on appropriate Investment financing strategy.