TExas investor loans

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Loans for Self Directed IRA - Non Recourse lending-Texas and nationwide

DB Capital can arrange a wide array of loans for investors who use a Self Directed IRA strategy to buy and hold or flip investment properties.

(download the IRA Loan submission)

apply - start with the Self Directed IRA Loan Submission

Acceptable Loan and Property Uses :

SFR (1 - 4 units)

Apartment buildings

Most commercial buildings that produce income are acceptable

short term flips and rehab loans from 12% in Texas - 65% LTV MAX

long term lending (rental property - landlord loans) - NATIOWIDE- from 5% (pending size ,location and ltv) these are available Most states.


Use your Self Directed retirement account to purchase property., rehab or cashout , We will make a (NON – Recourse) Loan to your self directed IRA

SFR Rentals

1 - 4 unit

small commercial - apts /other

vacation rentals

Purchase and Rehab

apply - start with the Self Directed IRA Loan Submission


Some IRA Custodian and management Companies - Self Directed (Texas Based and others)

RA Resources, Inc

858 459-1212

La Jolla, CA


Equity Trust

440 323-5491

Elyria, OH


Polycomp Admin Services

800 952 8800

Roseville, CA



800 969-4472

San Francisco, CA


Entrust Administration, Inc

800 392-9653

Offices nationwide


Guidant Financial Group, LLC


Bellevue, WA


Lincoln Trust (previously Fiserv)

800 521-6974

Denver, CO


IRA Services Trust Company

800 248-8447

San Carlos, CA


Mountain West IRA


Boise, ID




Westlake, OH



800 955-3434

Waco, TX


Trust Administration Services Corp

800 455-9472

Carlsbad, CA


SD IRA Services




Quest IRA