TExas investor loans

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Analyze your investment property - Know your landlord loan options

Many loans are underwritten based on DSCR- know you PITI (principle and interest, taxes and insurance) total payment and how measures against the income /rent of your subject property.

We have vaiouse loan programs starting with the best terms requiring 20-25% (1.2 - 1.25) DSCR or profit margin. Meaning , you divide rent/PITI and come up with ratio.

Example ,

1000.00 month rent / 782.00 (PITI) , you would have 1.27 DSCR that would work most cases.

The payment was calculated at 7% , 80,000 for 30 years (typical of our alternative- portfolio type of loan)

So if you have cash flowing property there are more options,

A. 1.2 + is best

B. The 2nd level type loan is "just Positive cash flow" , so naturally there is more scrutiny towards borrower credit and income (it can still be stated income program)

C. "No Ratio" type loan- rents are not calculated - Borrowerer credit and property value are reviewed.

Send us your scenario now and now your rent and expenses for quicker road to closing.