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Specializing in Loans for Real Estate Investors since 2004. ******tell us your investment scenario ****click(short online qualifier) (for all investor loans and portfolio/alternative loans. or apply and complete full 1003 or talk to us first (or go to menu bar)

SOFT Money (Non Bank Qualifying) , Fixed for 30 years - Whatever fits your need - These loans are for the investor who "just misses" bank qualifications. Maybe you own 10+ properties, self employed, had bk or foreclosure in last 4 years.

**Stated Income" (no tax returns or 4506) loans, no credit min, & Blanket loans - Hard Money for Rehabs - long term loans for landlords (Stated Income Loan submission - Here

**Non Recourse Loans for your IRA - (SFR rentals, commercial vacation rental property as well) - use standard application

***Anayze your rental property loans - (Landlord -Income Property Loan ,rental property analyzer. (shows borrower -investor how your property performs against debt (calculates DSCR)


Financing options for the Texas Real Estate Investors & Landlord

Texas Investor loans - our mission , providing the 3 basic financing strategies for landlords and real estate investors. Depending on the investors need (long term, rehab, bank - non bank, owner finance) we are able to structure a solution. We are different in that we are part of the underwriting process and offer a candid consultation on what can be realistically funded.

***Note many of these loans for investors are now available in almost all states- ask***

Whether you wish to finance one property or build a portfolio we have a solution. Learn your options, be prepared and consider asking for a loan is like interviewing for a job.

3 BASIC SOURCES OF MONEY (Our services )

1. Conventional Mortgages -govt guaranteed and insured. - very limited , usually fannie mae loans. While terms and rates are the best, qualifying borrowers need 680 credit and proven income (typically you can have 10 properties financed with 720 credit). You cannot own in entity, only your personal name.

****The next 2 categories (porfolio loans , both institutional grade and private funds)

2. Portfolio Loans : Typically Banks, Credit Union, Life insurance companies and some non bank private funds (These are not mortgage banks) - Portfolio , or Balance Sheet lending loans , These are "story" loans. Maybe you have been turned down because you are self employed, or fluctuations in income. If your "story" is strong, meaning you have explanations, good cash reserves, compelling experience, other we can make loans that conventional mortgage banks cannot (again , a limititation of govt. insured mortgages) . These are typically small banks and credit unions in Texas where we have relationships.

3.****(THE MOST FLEXIBLE ) Private (non institutional ) - hard money ,Non Bank: (Hedge Funds,Insurance, Pension & retirement, Private individuals and small funds)- higher rates (5-6% +plus) but if you have recent poor credit, not much income to show , out town owner of rental property , or other reasons these may be the best option.(1-4 unit investment rentals).

"no income" loans and stated loans would fall under this category.


Note- if you seek 100% financing for rentals- it does not exist for long term loans - at times 100% of cost works if true market value makes the loan a 70% ltv/arv . These are short term/hard money/bridge loans.

Quick Scenario - Click and answer a few quick questions, this is also very good supplement to our full loan application. (This will tell us the quick story on the investor and the potential subject property)

Do you need hard money: This is hard money in Texas site for rehab-hard money , Urban Coyote Funding -Texas Rehab Loans) . All investors of real estate will at some point need a short term (hard money- rehab loan) , so please save site for your rehab loans.

Land Lord & Rental property scenario (click here)- send us your scenario (RENTAL PROPERTY FINANCING SUPPLEMENT)

Our background and process: (our experience is key)

With 20 years plus experience, our team is comprised of investment property loan advisors and lenders that can provide a path to build a rental portfolio. We will offer the latest strategies for financing investment property in Texas with low bank rates,institutional funds and privately funded hard money loans for acquisitions and rehab. We understand the need for flexible capital when acquiring for rehabs.

If you need financing, please tell us your scenario STEP 1(Apply - Quick PreQual)

COMMERCIAL investment property bridge loans - Urban Coyote Funding- Commercial Hard Money in Texas & Soft Money , for the "just missed" bank loans

HARD MONEY BLOG (see many articles regarding hard money and alternative lending)

Foreign National Loans for Investors - up to 65% of value (long and short term loans)